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Chalk and Tablet's New eTasting Experience Initiative

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We here at Chalk & Tablet have an exciting new announcement to share with you! We recently launched a new on-demand, virtual tasting experience—C&T's eTasting Experience!

Earlier this year we saw a need. As the pandemic forced businesses to suspend their in-person services, we observed many wineries pivot to offering hosted virtual wine tastings. This was a great way to stay connected with customers and to spread brand awareness during an unprecedented time. At the same time, we realized that hosted sessions come with scheduling challenges and limited availability.

We had an idea. What if we could offer virtual tastings on-demand? Then scheduling is completely flexible and the number of potential customers is almost limitless. We got excited. We went to work harnessing our online learning expertise and our experience building wine education courses. We combined the flexibility, interaction, and personalization of an online course into an immersive tasting experience.

We are now proud to introduce Chalk & Tablet’s eTasting Experience!

Customers can receive valuable advice from your experts, learn all about your products, and, of course, test their tasting skills. And their busy schedules won't hold them back from the fun, because they can complete the experience anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace. Our on-demand experience gives you and your brand a new way to package and market existing products and a new avenue to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

While this new initiative was born out of our experience working with wine brands and educators, we’re not limited to wine! Our eTasting Experience can easily be tailored to promote any brand or product. Our on-demand, virtual tasting is completely customizable.

We’ll work with you to share your story, showcase your product, and engage your customers. You can delight, entertain, and educate through videos, tales from the production line, and tasting tips. When paired with your tasting kits, customers can taste and experience all from the comfort of home.

Chalk & Tablet's eTasting Experience: your virtual tastings, transformed.


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