Chalk and Tablet's New eTasting Experience Initiative

Opening slide of Chalk and Tablet's eTasting Experience Template

We here at Chalk and Tablet have an exciting new announcement to share with you! We have recently launched a new virtual tasting experienceC&T's eTasting Experience!

It's more important than ever to offer virtual options for your in-person services. While in-person tastings have been limited over the past year and a half, many winemakers pivoted to offering hosted virtual tasting sessions. And while that's a great way to use technology to connect with customers, there are inevitably limitations. The Chalk and Tablet eTasting Experience is our way of expanding beyond some of these limitations, making it so that you can have as many concurrent sessions as you can sell, not just as many as there are live employees available to host. And despite best efforts, scheduling can be complicated as well. But imagine a virtual tasting that combines the benefits of all these tools with the flexibility, interaction, and personalization of an online course.

Having worked with many wine brands and educators to build online courses, we have extensive experience working in the wonderful wine industry. That's not to say that we're limited to wine! Our Experience can easily be tailored to promote any brand or product.

That's exactly what our eTasting Experience provides, custom built by the Chalk and Tablet team! Customers can receive valuable advice from your experts all about your brand, learn all about your products, explore the content, and, of course, test their tasting skills. And their busy schedules won't hold them back from the fun, because they can complete the experience anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace. This added flexibility allows for new ways to package and market existing products, and new avenues to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

Chalk and Tablet's eTasting Experience: your virtual tastings, transformed. Anytime. Anywhere. We offer endless options to cater to every need and make any experience wholly reflective of you and your brand.

Let Chalk & Tablet take your virtual tastings to the next level, and reach a whole new customer base right in the comfort of their own homes! Our eTasting Experience demo is available to explore!