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Our Upcoming Conference Presentations: Summer 2022


We feel honored to have been selected to present at the following conferences this year!

The Learning Ideas Conference

Date: June 15-17, 2022

Location: New York City

Ginny, our owner and Director of Operations, will be presenting on the topic: "Accessibility in eLearning: Debunking Myths on the Path to Inclusivity.”

Accessibility is both a legal requirement and a path towards inclusive learning, yet some content creators inadvertently steer away from accessible design. This aversion is often born from misunderstanding rooted in the many myths about accessibility requirements, benefits, and implementation. Join Ginny as she debunks four common myths and illustrates the aligning truths.

The HighEdWeb 2022 Accessibility Summit

Date: July 28, 2022

Location: Online

Ginny and Kara, our Director of Custom Product Development, will be presenting on the topic: "Not just a Checklist: Weaving Accessibility into the Course Development Process."

In online course development, accessibility is often an afterthought; a checklist to implement right before launching a course. This approach fails because accessibility isn’t a checklist. Accessibility features are an extension of your course elements, so waiting to implement them until the elements are built often leads to rework, and/or fewer, less impactful accessibility features. In this session, Ginny and Kara will explore how to weave accessibility into the very fabric of your course development process.

We're looking forward to both conferences and hope to see you soon!


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