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Quick Tips: Creating Compelling Infographics

Here are 3 quick tips for making infographics work for you!

Infographics—the fun, educational, and bite-sized alternatives to boring and heavy text-based articles. Infographics are well loved, and for good reason: they’re efficient, well designed ways to disseminate important information in interesting and engaging ways. A good infographic is composed of the following qualities: they’re aesthetically pleasing, they’re easy to understand, and they fully tell a meaningful story instantly and easily.

But how can you incorporate these savvy and stylish tools? Read on for 3 tips on how to use infographics to give your project a boost!

Infographic of 3 mascots paired with 3 tips. Tip1: Develop a consistent style for your infographics, focusing on color palettes, mascots, and your branding. Tip 2: Make your infographics compelling to readers by strategically choosing which text to transform into infographics. Tip 3: Share your infographics on social media. Plan ahead so that it will be easily shareable. Infographics can increase web traffic by up to 12%.


When done well, infographics are fantastic ways to present your information in a compelling and engaging way. But perhaps most importantly—remember to have fun with them, and your readers will, too!


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