Planning Your Course Structure and Design: Part 1

Part 1 in our series on planning your course structure in design. No matter your subject matter, audience, or level of expertise, a course must be carefully plotted out to achieve its purpose successfully.


Now that you've gained a better understanding of smart topic planning techniques, it's time to take the next step to realizing the course of your dreams:

Course Structure and Design Planning

Welcome to the exciting part of course planning! This might also be the most potentially overwhelming part. That's because the structure and design of your course is created from a large number of various elements, all interwoven and interconnected, where each one builds off of the other. Each decision you make regarding one element is likely to impact your decisions regarding other elements.

That's where we at Chalk & Tablet come in. In our C&T Academy course, we break course structure and design down into eight manageable, broad categories:

  1. Course Format

  2. Technology

  3. Communication & Support

  4. Content Delivery

  5. Assessment Strategy

  6. Development Plan

  7. Implementation

  8. Course Evaluation & Improvement

For Part 1 of our three-part series, let's cover a quick What-Why breakdown of each of the first three categories (trust us, you'll thank us later!):

1. Course Format

2. Technology

3. Communication & Support

Stayed tuned for the remaining categories covered in Part 2 and Part 3!