Maximize Enrollments with Smart Topic Planning Techniques

For us online educators, there's no sadder sight than a beautiful, engaging online course with zero students making zero revenue.

So, how does it happen, and what's the solution?

The short answer to how it happens is poor planning. The two main planning pitfalls developers fall victim to that largely contribute to low enrollment are:

  1. Not aligning the course with the Expert's interests and/or expertise.

  2. Not aligning the course with the Audience's interests and/or learning needs.

Now, for the solution: Chalk & Tablet, of course. Chalk & Tablet works with clients to prevent the above issues by utilizing an 8-Step Topic Planning & Refinement Process. Each step could constitute an article on its own, but for the sake of providing you with the most crucial information for each step, we'll just cover the basics for you here.

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Expert Misalignment

The first reason courses end up without students is because the course content doesn't align with the Subject Matter Experts' (SME's) interests and/or expertise.

Case in point...


Have you ever taken a course from a professor who was obviously forced into teaching a class for any reason other than of their own volition and consequently has zero interest in the topic?

If not, you're very lucky, and you'll just have to use your imagination for the rest of this section. If yes, then you know that a teacher's lack of interest in their subject matter can have disastrous effects on students. Beyond both instructor and student likely to be bored out of their mi