Lessons Learned: Online Education in 2020

What is the true potential of online education? And how can we reach it?


For many of us, the 2020 shift to online education was an awakening to the incredible potential this mode of learning possesses, and to the chaos and frustration it can bring. This is especially true for K-12 educators, students, and parents who were asked to do the impossible: tackle online learning without the necessary training or resources.

My daughter is a first grader, and I think it’s fair to say our eLearning experience fell on the ‘chaos and frustration’ side of things: her teacher retired on the first day of school and the replacement teacher was pulled out of an in-person classroom and away from a teaching assignment that she had worked for years to land. Needless to say, I, too, experience cold sweats and nausea at the thought of eLearning days, despite the fact that online education is the foundation of my business!


So I understand the desire to say good riddance to eLearning as the world heals and returns to some level of normalcy. But current trends indicate that this mode of learning is not going away.Many schools are already replacing snow days with eLearning days, and smart districts are working to expand and improve eLearning options for non-traditional students who are unable to attend in-person classes on a regular basis. This experience fueled colleges and universities who were already working to put more courses online prior to the pandemic. And many institutions who previously turned away from eLearning now see the potential benefits of offering online options. By not embracing the eLearning platform 2020 gifted us (perhaps one of its few, if not only, gifts) we miss out on a rare opportunity to reflect on what we've learned while it's still painfully fresh, which would allow us to make improvements so we are better prepared to offer quality online education in this new and inevitable eLearning era.

In short, online education was already at your door before the pandemic, and now it’s inside your house! So let’s get to know our new house guest by reflecting on lessons learned and unlocking the true potential of online education.

What are the Potential Benefits of Online Education?

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