Determining Your Target Audience: The Basics of Audience Analysis

What is an audience analysis? What's its purpose? And how do you execute one?


So, you’re interested in creating an online course. Undoubtedly you’ve already come to the conclusion that your course is going to have an audience (otherwise, what’s the point?). But do you know who your audience is going to be? And is there a benefit to figuring out who your students will be before you create your course?

You might not yet know the answer to that first question (though this article can help). The answer to that second question, however, is a resounding yes.

Crafting your course with its intended audience in mind is a surefire way to streamline your course building process, increase its impactfulness, and maximize its value.

Enter the audience analysis.

What is an Audience Analysis

At its core, an audience analysis involves gathering and analyzing data about your target student.

Its Purpose

An audience analysis is intended to help you identify your, what else, audience. By clearly establishing a clear picture of their wants, needs, and interests, you can begin to build common ground with your students. Conducting an audience analysis will also make building your course easier and more streamlined. Learning about your course’s demographic will help inform the structure and design of your course, and ensure that it is appealing, appropriate, and informative for those taking it.