Chalk & Tablet is Thankful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving Chalk & Tablet readers!

'Tis the Thanksgiving season, and per the time-honored tradition of giving thanks this holiday is known for (it's not called Thanksgiving for nothing, right?), the Chalk & Tablet leadership team has assembled to share with you what we're most thankful for this year!

An image of a table set for Thanksgiving dinner. Multiple pairs of hands are visible dishing food onto plates.


‘Thankful’ Doesn’t Cover It

‘Thankful’ doesn’t seem like a strong enough word to describe how I feel after the past year (heck, two years!). I’ve seen friends lose jobs, businesses, and worse, loved ones. In addition to being a mom and a business owner, I did my best to play the role of 1st grade teacher. I struggled personally with the distance from loved ones thrust upon us by the pandemic. And I struggled professionally from the stress involved in navigating our small business through this difficult time.


feared the loss of loved ones.

grappled with the isolation of quarantine.

struggled to keep all the balls in the air—business owner, 1st grade teacher, wife, mom.

watched helplessly as fellow business owners had to close up shop.

stressed over the change in our market and feared for the future of my business.

But out of the struggle, and with the help of my family, friends, and Chalk & Tablet team, came some incredible gifts.