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21 Tweets that Capture the Ups and Downs of Online Learning in 2021

The holidays are a-calling! To help end the year with a laugh and some good cheer, here's a compilation of our favorite tweets from this past year that we thought perfectly captured the essence of the hilarious ups and downs of online learning in 2021. At its best, online learning is versatile, efficient, and powerful. At its worst? Read on for a chuckle!

A young student sitting at a desk watching a teacher on a computer monitor.

1. The Perfect (Online) Teacher

2. Technical Difficulties...

3. Getting to Really Know Your Students

4. Now...Which One Are You?

5. It Can ALWAYS Be Worse...

6. But This is Still Pretty Bad

7. But It's Not ALL Bad!

8. Some Comfortable Benefits

9. Whatever It Takes

10. The Students' Perspective

11. Well, Cats ARE Pretty Interesting

12. Students & Teachers Can Share the Joys (and Miseries)

13. A Classic, Updated

14. A Different Breed of Online Learning

15. Proof That Online Learning Works

16. Whatever It Takes To Make It Through!

17. Both Parents & Teachers Took On New, Roles

18. Heroes of Online Learning

19. The True Inconvenience of Online Schooling

20. Reminder: Online Learning Is Still Necessary

21. And to Sum It All Up...


We hope you laughed as hard as we did at these 21 tweets that perfectly summed up the online learning experience in 2021! Some great reminders of what not to do!

Since this is our last blog post before Christmas, we wish everyone a very happy holiday and (hopefully) a very different new year!


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