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2021 Wrap-Up: Chalk and Tablet's Top Accomplishments

2021 written in the sand.

As time runs out on 2021, we’re taking a moment to pause and reflect on some of this year's accomplishments. Sometimes our day-to-day tasks keep us so busy that we forget to step back and note how they all weave together into larger projects and successes! Here are a few things the Chalk and Tablet team is proud of accomplishing this year.

1. We launched our virtual tasting initiative.

Inspired by our work with some awesome wine brands and wine educators, we produced a fully customizable eTasting Experience. This virtual tasting experience allows a wine brand (or other providers of consumable goods) to guide their customers through an interactive tasting. Our on-demand experience is customizable to the style and tone of each brand and can be offered for fun, for education, or anywhere in between.

While much of our work at Chalk and Tablet involves working with our clients to define and achieve their goals, this was an internal initiative. Like wine tasting, working as a team was an experience to savor!

2. We built multiple wine courses.

We built a course on American wine, a deductive tasting course, and resources for a course on German wine. We also created a few brand-specific courses. We are grateful for our contacts in the wine world and have enjoyed learning about and promoting wine education and experiences. (Our only complaint about all these online wine courses is that our travel bucket list has gotten longer!)

3. We assisted a nonprofit in its mission.

Online learning extends to the nonprofit sector as well. Having worked with a Virginia-based nonprofit in previous years to build some of their online courses, this year we helped behind the scenes to keep their eLearning curriculum running smoothly.

We built an instructor training resource tailored to the organization’s specific needs and desired level of detail. We also helped them migrate their online courses from one Learning Management System (LMS) to another. That kind of maintenance work is easy for our team to do and freed up their staff to stay focused on their mission.

4. We adopted Storyline 360 as our default course authoring tool.

Having tested a few other tools, this year Chalk and Tablet switched to Storyline 360 as our default choice for creating interactive eLearning courses. We still use other tools by request but are happy to have settled upon one that is flexible, robust, and meets our clients’ needs.

There were moments when the learning curve felt daunting, but this is to be expected when adopting a new tool. We persevered, sometimes with the help of a rubber duck!

5. We ramped up our online and social media presence.

Blogging and social media are big time commitments for a small company, but we see value in connecting with you. Hopefully we’ve provided a nugget of wisdom or a bit of humor along the way. In some of our favorite blog posts this year, we:


Those are some of our company’s 2021 highlights! Here’s hoping that 2022 brings a new set of goals and things to look forward to. And for a sneak peek at next year, check out our online learning predictions for 2022!

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