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Training as Marketing & Outreach

Teaching your audience does not have to be your only goal for developing/offering training materials. Together we can embed your branding, messaging, and upselling into every aspect of the content. While your audience gains some vauable knowledge, your organization can be gaining valuable exposure!

Content Creation & Editing

You are the subject matter expert, but you also have a full-time job that doesn't give you time off to write the content for your course. We have the expertise and capcity to take what you know and transform it into well-written LMS text, video storyboards, assessments and more.

Mobile Learning

Is your audience demanding on-the-go learning that is accessible via smartphones and tablets? Let us help you meet this demand by transforming your online course with mobile technology.

Multimedia Production

Videos can transform a lifeless course into an engaging learning environment, but not all videos are created equal, and videos alone may not be the answer. Let's work togehter to bring your course to life by discovering the multimedia recipe that brings your course to life.


Learners are hungry for physical interaction, competition, achievement, and reward, so why not embed these attributes in their learning experience? Gamification uses proven techniques from game design to capture attention and fully engage learners with your content, messaging, and/or brand. Learn more about how gamification can bring value to your learners and your organization!

Innovative Assessment

Sick of assessments that don't really measure achievement of ctiritcal learning objectives? We are here to help you build relevant assessments, designed outside of the perameters of a traditional test to ensure your audience is capable of applying what they learn in a meaningful way!

Technology-Enhanced Face-2-Face Learning

While online training is gaining popularity, we understand the value of face-to-face teaching and learning. We chose the name 'Chalk & Tablet' becasue we see the need to enhance learning experiences in both environments. Let us show you how you can enhance your face-to-face trainings and workshops through technology and other innovative tools!

Innovative Revenue Streams & Max ROI

More interested in how the training impacts your bottom line? With our exptise and experience in market research and data analytics, we can help to ensure that you see a sustainable return on your eLeanring investments. We can also help you identify new projects to persue that will help to generate new sources of revenue.

Program Initiation & Development

Do your goals expand beyond a single course? If you are interested in building a set of coursese or a larger program, we can help! Our team has over 10 years of experience planning, building, and launching academic degree programs. From strategic planning and program mapping, to recruting and retention, we can make your programmatic goals a reality - together.

Evaluation & Compliance

With over 15 years of experience in course assessment and compliance management, we can help to ensure that your courses and programs align with the standards and requirements specific to your organization.

Face-2-Face Training Enhancement

While online training is gaining popularity, we understand the value of face-to-face learning. We chose the name 'Chalk & Tablet' becasue we see the need to enhance learning experiences in both online and traditional learning environments. Let us show you how you can use technology and other tools to enhance your face-to-face trainings and workshops!

Online Training Enhancement

Is your online course complete but not generating the results you expected? We can help! Our expert staff can help you uncover critical issues and build a robust plan for improvement.

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