A Pathway to Inclusivity

Let us help you build an Accessible eLearning Experience

Chalk & Tablet can improve the accessibility of your existing course or help you build an accessible course from the ground up. We'll design an effective, interactive online course that meets or exceeds WCAG standards so you can:


Meet the online learning needs for disabled learners.


Enhance the eLearning experience for all learners.


Protect your organization from legal ramifications.

Accessible eLearning Examples

Want to learn more about accessibility requirements and how our team can help you meet or exceed your accessibility goals? Check out the resources below.

The following buttons are examples from two recent conference presentations that we built in the format of an accessible online course. The first is from the 2022 Learning Ideas Conference and the second is from the HighEdWeb 2022 Accessibility Summit. Each offers guidance and tips for accessibility in eLearning.

We'd love to share how we can help you meet your eLearning accessibility needs. 
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